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Our company

Revenga Smart Solutions relies on 45 years of experience in the field of telecommunications. Our high added value lies in the capability of supplying a large range of products, as well as meeting the needs of ICT networks supply (information and telecommunication technologies) and networks security. We process from small to large orders supplies, counting on a comprehensive national and international logistics platform. Another important aspect of our added value is given by a solid technical support in the design and selection of a product as well as in the supply and implementation.

We are specialized in the wholesale of products, telecommunications equipment, information technology, and electronic security.

3D Net - Company
3D Net - Company
  • Fiber Optic Cable, copper, RF, energy, data
  • Networks accessories : F.O., HFC, FTTH/FTTB, Radio (3G,Tetra,train-ground ,WLAN,Mesh), Railways Systems.
  • Network equipment: switches, routers, WLAN, Mesh
  • Measuring equipment: F.O. data, TX, RF
  • Railways equipment: detectors, heaters, pedals.
  • Network pressurized copper equipment.
  • Video: codecs, IP cameras, recorders, accessories.
  • Security: IP cameras, detectors, barriers.
  • Telephony: IP, PABX, terminals and telephones, modems, ATEX environment.
  • Intercoms: IP, intercoms, IPfon, ATEX environment.
  • PA systems
  • Teleindicators
  • Videoconference
  • Efficient energy
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Fiber Optic - Copper - Networks equipment - Measurement equipment - IP Cameras - RFID - PA System - Railways equipment - Cameras

Distribution of our own manufacturing lines: 3dnet (network accessories). Security: IR cameras, detectors. Programación web SGM